January 18 2013 by Kevin Bowersox

Today I started working on adding a recaptcha component to the comment section of toThought.  After reading the documentation, I decided to search the Maven Central repository for the recaptcha Java library.  When I searched for the artifact via the built in .m2e integration, I noticed that Maven was only displaying local artifacts, not scanning the central repository as I intended.  At this point, I tried my normal work around which is checking the Download repository index updates on startup setting.
Unfortunately, my trusted fix had no effect.  Slightly concerned, I began to google the issue.  I came upon and quickly implemented a suggested solution, which was to Update the Project. Continue Reading

January 12 2013 by Kevin Bowersox


The preceding tutorial details how to create a Maven archetype based upon the Spring Data project created in the post, Configuring Spring Data with MySql.  To follow along with the video you may download the source code for the base project from the Github Repository.

I am currently working on making this archetype available from the Maven Central Repository.  Once available this archetype will be available for use via Maven.

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