Work Experience
Web Application Developer
July 2009 - Present
United States Federal Government

Developed J2EE applications that supported logistics and supply chain operations for the United States Federal Government. Introduced new application development approaches such as object relational mapping, interactive ajax user interfaces and the front-controller pattern.

  • Lead a team of three J2EE developers, raising competencies in OOP design principles and MVC pattern. Created a reusable application architecture adopted by several internal development teams.
  • Managed team tasks, release deliverables and progress; keeping developers engaged with challenging tasks and learning opportunities through paired programming.
  • Designed, developed and maintained six other J2EE applications; working initiatives in parallel. Balancing the workload and needs of each customer, business analyst team and manager. Applications developed support business processes such as supply discrepancies, contract management, hazardous material cataloging, mail delivery and RFID enhanced supply management.
Business Intelligence Analyst
January 2008 - July 2009
B I Solutions

Developed complex reporting applications using Cognos 8 for the company's primary customer, the NAVSUP Business Systems Center. Applications were highly customized to expand base Cognos functionality through the use of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

  • Spearheaded the effort to upgrade all existing applications from Cognos 8.3 to Cognos 8.4. Modified existing Javascript programming logic across all aplications to ensure compliance within the new version. Refactoring effort reduced Javascript programming logic by 50% for each report, increasing maintainability, reliability and scalability.
  • Administered the Cognos 8 production environment on Windows Server 2003 operating system. Released new application versions to the environment. Governed application security by granting and revoking user permissions within Cognos.
  • Established a small business network to support the Georgia Department of Corrections Metrics project. Installed Cognos, Microsoft SQL server and Windows Server software to create a development environment for the project. Configured network setup and remote terminal access to provide developers with the ability to telework.
Energy Resource Center Intern
May 2007 - January 2008
SEDA-COG Energy Resource Center

Provided technical assistance, training and troubleshooting for employees of the ERC, SEDA-COG and local municipalities involved with the program.

  • Designed a Utility Bill Analysis spreadsheet, which allowed local municipalities to conduct fact finding efforts to reduce energy costs and consumption. One local municipality saved $245,000 over a four-year period using this tool.
  • Conducted technical training focusing on Utility Bill Analysis and Microsoft Excel for eighteen employees of a local municipality. Training was accompanied by a documentation package, which featured a print and video tutorial that provided further technical guidance.
  • Aided the Director of the ERC with the construction and review of grant proposals, which ultimately led to the center being awarded funding for a LEED green building and LED traffic light conversion project from the Application Regional Commission.
Freelance Author
March 2014 - Present

Authored various courses that focused on cutting edge Java technologies for OReilly. Developed course curriculum, lessons and examples to teach other developers skills in new frameworks.

  • Hibernate and Java Persistence API (JPA) Fundamentals
  • Learning Apache Maven
  • Spring MVC for Java Developers
  • Learning Spring Programming